Music in the past 15 to 20 years has changed a lot. Actually too much but for the better and things are just crazy.

Remember the days when CDs were the best things you can get your hands on and radio was where you heard the latest music or perhaps MTV would suggest what music was in these days? Well that is all gone now.

The fact is people have better tastes in music than they did a long time ago but it's only because they couldn't find what they really wanted to listen to. If you liked jazz music for example you can forget the likes of MTV as they are just one shite music station.

Then came the mp3 which changed everything completely. Now people could listen to their music on their computers and download it. Then apple smacked everyone across the face with their ipod.

Mp3 players were popular but the ipod changed things fast and now everyone has their music on mp3 format ready to go.

Then sites like myspace came on the scene and now you could find all sorts of cool music. They were hot and then they kinda fizzled out. Now internet radio has hit the scene, although it hasn't dominated the business it is certainly popular amongst many.

Then there was tunein radio which is another cool sick website and also a great app.

These days my new favourite has become Soundcloud. I just love now.

So what am I listening to right now? I have no idea but the dj set is sick. All sorts of amazing djs everywhere.