• The joys of Soundcloud

    Music in the past 15 to 20 years has changed a lot. Actually too much but for the better and things are just crazy.

    Remember the days when CDs were the best things you can get your hands on and radio was where you heard the latest music or perhaps MTV would suggest what music was in these days? Well that is all gone now.

    The fact is people have better tastes in music than they did a long time ago but it's only because they couldn't find what they really wanted to listen to. If you liked jazz music for example you can forget the likes of MTV as they are just one shite music station.

    Then came the mp3 which changed everything completely. Now people could listen to their music on their computers and download it. Then apple smacked everyone across the face with their ipod.

    Mp3 players were popular but the ipod changed things fast and now everyone has their music on mp3 format ready to go.

    Then sites like myspace came on the scene and now you could find all sorts of cool music. They were hot and then they kinda fizzled out. Now internet radio has hit the scene, although it hasn't dominated the business it is certainly popular amongst many.

    Then there was tunein radio which is another cool sick website and also a great app.

    These days my new favourite has become Soundcloud. I just love now.

    So what am I listening to right now? I have no idea but the dj set is sick. All sorts of amazing djs everywhere.


  • How to get your money by selling diamonds

    How can you get some quick cash for selling your diamonds? The best way is with diamond valuation. Now with the internet becoming a huge part of commerce, also known as ecommerce, you can do almost everything online when it comes to buying, selling diamonds online AND getting them valuated. There are a few websites out there that provide a quality service for getting a diamond valuation.  Surprisingly enough you can have this process done within days.

    How does it work?

    It is shockingly simple.  You can ship your diamonds to the website, get your diamonds valuated and assessed in 24 hours and then have a check shipped to you by priority mail through Fedex.  On top of that the value you get for this service is surpisingly one of the best ones.  Just take your diamonds to any store to get them valuated and make note of what they say it is worth and what they would be willing to offer you to buy them.  In one youtube report one company did some tests with 10 diamond companies and stores and then to the diamondvaluation website and would you know it that they offered the most money.  This is great especially if you don't live near a jeweler and you want to get a fast turnaround on taking your diamonds towards getting them valuated towards selling them.

    Especially leading up to the Christmas season this is probably the time of the year where people are more keen towards pawning off their diamonds and making their money go further.  Also even in the new year people will be scrambling for money and if you are in need of money and want to get the maximum value for your diamonds you know where you can go and trust a site to give you the value of what you need and want.

  • Hantavirus Outbreak Scary Stuff!

    Hantavirus Outbreak Regions from California like those of Los Angeles and San Francisco experiences Hantavirus outbreak this days. This due to the huge numbers of people that have shown symptoms of the said virus. Some symptoms of the Hantavirus are headache, respiratory problem which include difficulty in breathing and frequent coughing, fever, and muscle pain. These symptoms may leads to serious problem and may cause even death.

    Hantavirus is the type of virus which is carried by deer mouse which is thought to be number one carrier of this virus. Deer mouse carries this type of virus and can barrow themselves through tiny holes. When a person is exposed to this virus, he may then experience respiratory disease like Hantavirus pulmonary syndrome. This virus was mainly found in Yosemite National Park. And every year, millions of people visit this park. Curry Village which is located in Yosemite is suspected to be the most infected area. During this year, there are more or less 4 millions of visitors came to visit this park. This means that those visitors are more likely to become infected with the said virus.

    Among those visitors, only estimated of 3000 people have been contact and have given information regarding the virus. They were strongly advice that if symptoms persist then they need to consult their doctor for medical attention. Thus, park authorities take action by closing all the tent cabins to avoid more infections. In addition, those people who have stayed in the tent cabins are suspected to have Hantavirus. In fact, among those people who were infected, two of them died and miraculously the rest of them have healed. According to research, the virus takes 7 to 28 days in order for them to be incubated after the exposure. Therefore, people who were exposed to the virus must be always alert for any symptoms.

  • Diamond in the ruff

    If you have diamonds in your possession and you are thinking about trading them on for cash, best thing to do is to assess the value of the diamonds you have. There are a lot of factors that go into determining what makes a quality and valuable diamond. Not all diamonds hold equal weight and there are different colors associated with diamonds which are basic indicators of quality.

    It all comes down to the 4 Cs: clarity, carat, color, cut.

    Clarity is how well you can see through the diamond. The color of the diamond can be many shades. A diamond is graded as flawless which the name implies you can't see any imperfections on closer inspection and this means the value of this diamond is at the maximum. There are many different grading systems which at first seem complex but are more or less standard when it comes to grading of diamonds. There is the American Gem Society, International Diamond Council (IDC) and European Gemology Laboratory (EGL).

    Only 20% of diamonds that are mined are considered gem stones which is the best quality rating.

    Watch out for clarity enhancements which although make the diamonds look better but they are more or less considered counterfeits and with an industry like gem stones, lots of people will take the time to do anything to enhance the value.

    If you have diamonds laying around and thinking about selling them, get them checked out for quality and it doesn't hurt to get 2 or 3 different gemologists to check them for their quality and originality. 

    Now you can sell your diamonds here. Selling diamonds online is really no different than selling gold or other jewelery.

  • Discovering online casinos

    Going to an online casino is one of many ways to enjoy gaming without the long trip to a vacation destination that is filled with tourists playing slot machines.

    If you are not in favor of gambling in places where there are lots of people, you can go to an online casino that has everything that a live casino has without all the cigarette smoke, annoying tourists, and the chances to lose money. When you play online, you actually get a chance to play some games for free and other games for money. This gives you a chance to learn what to do to win certain games, and it also teaches you what to do if you are at a real casino.

    Moreover, there is much more to do in a casino besides the gaming. A sportsbook is something that most casinos have because of the heavy influence that sports has on how much money casinos can make. Having a chance to make wagers on your favorite teams as they play in games that are very interested in is a good thing for you. Not only will you get the chance to wager on sports, but you can wager on sports and immediately take your winnings and play something else.

    Though the games of chance are not as real online, they are still a great of fun. Trying to bet the right number in roulette is a thrill. Playing blackjack and dueling with the dealer is no different than in a casino, and you can learn to play poker just like the pros. You can even choose your style of poker so that you can learn the way that will benefit you in real life.

    Online gambling is more fun because you can play from the comfort of your home right at your computer. If you are one that doesn't trust the random number generators then you should consider live dealer casinos.

    This way you get to see the dealers deal your cards through a video service or webcam and the only thing you could possibly question is if the deck is stacked. One casino I tried where they had live blackjack and live roulette was guru play casino and I found more information and research at grem before I joined:

    To summarize I got a good bonus and was able to cashout and made a cool 45 quid profit playing blackjack. Most of the players at my table were clueless and kept messaging to say 'nice win'.

    I can tell you myself that I'm not complaining.

  • Whitney Houston parody videos madtv

    Well when she was alive MadTV had no problem making all their parody videos about her. Actually anyone who does anything crazy in their life or has any kind of problem especially with drugs, expect them to get made fun of.

    Right now MadTV probably wishes they didn't make these videos but it is too late and with the death of the great Whitney Houston these videos are going to get even more attention. They are a bit funny but a bit sad as well.

    This is a video by MadTV that takes a crack at the MTV icons series done years ago. This is obviously MadTVs version.

  • Black Friday Fleshlight

    Black Friday Fleshlight deals 25% discount

    Black Friday is on and fleshlights are on sale for 25% discount if you buy on Black Friday or Cyber Monday. These deals are some of the best sex toy deals you'll find online. Cashin on this great opportunity and stay home Friday and on Monday and do all of the shopping with your mouse.

    If you don't own a Fleshlight you are missing out on the best male sex toy ever produced. What started out as something that appeared to be more of a gimmick turned out to be actually a good sex toy.

    If you're not going to buy one of these for yourself, buy it for a friend who has a birthday coming up.

    Better yet wrap these suckers up for Christmas and savour the moment when friends and family open these up in front of everyone. Heck you can even give one of these away at a work Christmas party, how hillarious would that be.

    Hurry and get your fleshlights immediately. Shipping is rapid fast with a moneyback guarantee.

    Happy shopping and if you find any good black friday deals worth sharing just leave a comment and they will be moderated. Were looking for good black friday shopping tips.

  • Fail compilation for October

    Welcome to the fails of the month, the fail compilation for October. Here we let the videos do more of the talking but we recommend to the viewers to not be as dumb as these people and don't try to do anything they do. Otherwise you may end up in one of these videos yourself.

  • more fail compilations

    another summer of no exciting news after the start of the year was blasting with oil, tiger woods and riots.

    So now we have a video to share which is fail compilations for July 2011. These fails have been featured on many individual youtube videos so be prepared as this is 9 minutes of non stop fails. Some of them are just pure painful to watch.

    Enjoy the fails and avoid becoming a star in one of these videos

  • Start your day with faceplants

    Sometimes it can be hard to get out of bed but who needs more motivation after watching videos like this. Just be thankful that you are not one of these idiots or victims in the following video.

    If you think it is funny then leave a comment in the blog or join the comments below the video in the comments section.

    youtube video of faceplants


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